Katerina Bravve: Music Video SUDDEN ADDICTION

Tori Green: Music Video Teaser GIRLFRIEND

Pato Margetic: Music Video COLD

www.JensGad.com: INTRO VIDEO

Pato Margetic: Music Video PURPLE HEARTS

Photoshoot Clip: Airport in the Sky / CHIARA SEITZ

Katarina Wild:Msicu DOMINO

The Greens: EPK / Eeoo Song

Danielle Bliberg: EPK

Yvette Lopez: BLOODRUSH

Ashlyne Laguerre: 1st EPK

Yvette Lopez: 7000BFFFB - Teaser EPK

Sandra + thomas Anders: THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG

Tori Green: EPK

Ashlyne Laguerre: 2nd EPK

Pato Margetic: Music Video UNTIE MY HANDS

Sandra (Voice of Enigma): Live Show Projection Intro 

Tori Green: Music Video GIRLFRIEND